Whats the “turning point” in paid online ad spending when you start getting noticeable results?

So assuming you have a good ad (text or photos), there must be a turning point where the ad starts showing results.

If you show a great ad to one person it might not get a sale. If you show it to 100 people it might not get a sale. Show it to 200 people aand it might not get a sale.

But at one point you will show it to a certain ammount of people and it will not only get a sale, it will get many sales.

I'm asking because for the last 5 months I've been trying multiple ads, and every sinlge one of them has been disapointing. Some more than others. I even had a friend that used to work in marketing help me make one, but he is focused on other types of ads and not online and he is fresh out of college so he didn't know at what point you get results.

I've been spending anywhere from 1 to 10 to 50 dollars daily on ads. I've been wondering if maybe I should have saved that money and spen't $100 or more in one ad instead.

So for you guys, specially with small buisness with limited budgets, at which point of spending did you start to get sales and results?

For the record, I have gotten sales, and I have gotten sales specifically through the ads, it's just been low, and all the feedback I have gotten is that the product and the webpage and the ads are good, it's just that I'm not reaching enough people.

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