Feedback request on my homeware marketplace

Hey everyone 😄

I’ve recently setup a store selling a mix of products we hold stock for, and affiliate products. The premise behind the store is that it's a curation of products recommended by the influencers who use our app (called Kleyo). Our main focus at the minute is on selling the products we hold stock for.

We're looking for reviews/critiques/positives about the website as a whole, AND also the product pages of the products that we hold stock for (not the affiliate product pages). I've listed the direct links below:


Individual product:

We've been struggling for sales, but we're unsure as to whether it's because of the website, competitive landscape, products or just bad traffic. We've been running ads through an agency but the traffic is has a high bounce rate and low CTR so we suspect it's that, but just want to get a second opinion as to whether it could be something else.

We're also happy to offer a discount code to anyone who may be interested, as a thank you for your help!

Thanks in advance! ✌️

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