The Best Performing Creatives After iOS 14

Recently what have your best performing creatives been? Would love to hear some insight from you all.

But here's what I've gathered from my own experience + other people in eCommerce.

Mobile Friendly Format

Stop only using 1:1. Yep a perfect square is cool.

When compared to 9:16 and 4:5, those two options take more real estate on someone's screen.

Subtitles, Text Overlays, Headers

For those who used videos for their creatives, try this out. Here's a few notable companies that do this:

  • Lumin Skincare
  • Manscaped
  • Meridian Grooming

Unique Eye Stoppers

Of course the first few seconds (say 3-5) should always try to hook someone's attention. This will vary from brand to brand.

Here's some examples I've seen being used recently:

  • Awkward angles
  • Awkward sounds
  • Fast movement
  • Having an irritant immediately

For that last point, if you know something that irritates your customer, try using that. Here's some examples to clarify:

  • When eating Pizza, have someone eat the crust first
  • Eating wings, have someone eat some of the wings and not all of it
  • Pouring milk first when eating cereal

Ads That Don't Look Like Ads

There's been a huge shift in what types of creatives brands are using, especially the past few months. Many brands are moving towards user generated content! Shot straight from yours or others people's phones. These have worked extremely well, especially if it's from a customer that discuses three main ideas:

  1. Making people problem aware
  2. Getting people to care about their problems
  3. Wrapping your products as a solution to their problem

Fast Pacing

Smooth transitions & fast pacing > awkward & lengthy cuts.

Improving Your Buildup To CTA

Most people have decent offers, however, often have poor buildups to their CTA and mistake that their CTA was poor.

Here's an example outline you could use for video creatives:

  1. Hook
  2. Median (Not sure what to call this but it gets people problem aware and to care about their problems)
  3. Summarize Benefits (Desired States)
  4. CTA

TL;DR: Taking more real estate on someone's screen, using text on creatives, having unique eye stoppers, UGC, fast pacing, and improving the buildup to CTA has been working well for us + others even after the update.

Would be cool if this post actually helped you out and even better if you provided insight as to what worked for you below.

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