Urgent help with shopify payments.

Hello, So i started a store like one month ago, i scaled a bit quick, and got some payment review. Fine. So they wanted my ID / adress of business / AND 10 tracked orders. The problem here is that they thought i used oberlo which ofc gives tracking. I used aliexpress and found cheaper shipping without tracking. ( yes i changed that later on recent orders ) . I sent in 10 inovices of the orders without tracking. I contacted my supplier in LAST minutes to tell them to switCh to tracking. So far 6 tracking orders are out waiting on 4 more. I paused my whole store & ads because of the held. Now support told me it can take up to 72 hrs and im thinking of changing platform. Whats the worst tht could happen? I mean if i close the store and move on to woo / bigec. Platoform instead and just leav shopify. I guess disable my shopify payments or what?

Hope you guys can give me a hand here. Thanks.

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