You can’t change peoples actions or beliefs. Only their experiences [important lesson in marketing]

A few weeks ago, I went to the Apple store and dropped way too much money on a new iPhone + MacBook (yet to be unboxed)

I waited in line 45mins and walked out 15mins later a hell of a lot poorer.

This got me thinking about my actions.

  • Why did I not buy a Google Phone, Samsung, HTC at half the price?

  • Why did I not get another laptop (don’t even know other brands… my last laptop before my Mac was a Dell. Are they still around?)

  • Why did I wait 45mins when I could have just walked into any other store and saved my time?

There was friction in my buying process + ample substitutes. Yet Apple still won my business.

Truth is, I didn’t care how much it cost. Or how long I had to wait🤷‍♂️

I believe that Apple is the best and that it’s what I needed.

And it’s this belief that drove my actions.

The problem is, you can’t change people’s actions. And you can’t change people’s beliefs.

There’s actually a process where you have to create experiences for them that cause them to change their own beliefs.

Which then drives them to change their own actions.

So remember👇👇👇

We are not in control of what people do or think.

Only the experience we give them.

Let’s keep this in mind when thinking about marketing, optimizing buying journeys and user experience.

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