Digital Marketing Agency Service choices?

Hello everyone, hope your well!

I started a digital marketing agency maybe 6 months ago, created the website got everything set up and the service chosen, no clients mind. However, something came up work-wise I decided to go with it instead. Fast forward to now, I'm want to take my agency seriously and I'm prepared to stick at it.

The target audience I decided on was any business that could within reason profit from online advertising, eCommerce Stores, Restaurants, Gyms, being the primary targets. My job was in sales and I like to think I was good at it, I have my whole sales process mapped out and ready to follow.

The issue I've encountered now I'm ready to sell is my service of choice is Facebook Ads, I took a few courses so have some base knowledge of it and I understand in order to learn and grow I need to actually deliver the service however I've been lurking on forums and reading up on Facebook Ads and realised they aren't the same since IOS14.

As a beginner and following all the stuff that's happened regarding the tracking changes I'm not as confident as I once was that I can get results for my future clients. I've now done some research on Google Ads and they seem the way to go atm, and Facebook Ads could be a service I add later on if it ever gets sorted.

My question is, as a beginner like myself, I want to give myself and my future clients the absolute best possible chance for success, between Google Ads and Facebook Ads, what do you think will be the best service to go with?

-Any help would be massively appreciated! Raring to go, just stuck on the correct service to sell!

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