We analyzed 600K+ Shopify stores to see how Shopify ecommerce looks in 2021

This is not a success story or tips to generate 7-figure incomes, We @ Shopgram are dataholics of Shopify, so we crawled 300M products from more than 600K Shops and got you this Shopify report. You can read it all here in this blog posts:

But if you don't want to go through that, here's a quick TL;DR from the report:

1- As of April 2021, 12.82% of Shopify stores are using at least one dropshipping product while 7.10% of products in all Shopify stores are supplied from a dropshipping service.


2- 12.82% of Shopify stores have at least one item that's being dropshipped.


3- Oberlo is the leading platform for dropshippers whether they are a dropshipping Shopify store or have a dropshipping product in their product section.

Following Oberlo with a 31.9% market share, Printful is the second one with around 25% of the market share.

Printify, Customcat, Teelaunch, Spocket, Dsers and Spod are chasing closely with 6.3%, 1.9%, 1.8%, 1.5%, 1.4% and 1.2% of the market share.


4- Shopify Dropshipping is most popular in USA with 62.8% of the stores being from there, Canada with 8% and Australia with 7.4% of the market share are second and third most popular Shopify dropshipping locations.


Future Studies: You can see all the data and studies in the blog, for the full report or more details, feel free to shoot me a message so that I can send it to you.

We are eagerly interviewing dropshippiers right now for the next studies, If you are interested and like the content, We would be more than happy to have a quick interview about your experiences. If you want to be interviewed, just send me a message to setup a quick talk!

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