Anyone sell their products via FB Page Shop? Do you know how to post/comment/join groups to advetise

Ive found several FB help pages that say it's possible but the options they tell me to click don't exist for me.

I've created a page for my business, listed my products (that link to my web store) and then I used that page to create a fan group. OK great.

But how do I join other groups with my business page? I can only do it with my personal page. I don't get any change profile or alt login options.

I've spent several hours on this. I've looked through all my fb options and also tried the fb business portal options. I jjst can't find it.

To make it more weird, a couple times (not sure how) I did get an option for a page, but not my business page! One of my other personal (unpublished) ones!

Can anyone help me?


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