International Shipping and VAT charges (from a US seller)

I used to ship a lot of small crafts through Etsy store a few years back and used Endicia.

When I did an international order, the shipping label would print horizontally and have all the buyers information on there (pretty much the custom form was the label).

I opened up shop again. I just did my first international order using Endicia and there appears to be some changes.

  1. It now goes to a Postal Processing Facility (with a really small reference to the receiver on the package – no address). Does this look right? And how does the receivers address actually get on here?

  1. I’ve always done a flat $10 fee for international orders, letting the buyers know that I cover the difference to get the postage printed…but they will pay any additional import fees, VAT fees, customs, etc. Using Endicia, a big prompt comes up saying my package could be delayed or returned if I don’t pay VAT. Is that normal? Will it be returned? Or will they just ask the buyer to pay it?

  2. Does anyone recommend another type of shipping service other than Endicia?

FYI – I paid just over $15 to ship a 4oz package that’s 7x4x1…it was the cheapest I could do with tracking. I just want to make sure I don’t see this thing returned.

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