Printify (vinyl) sticker quality?

Trying to test the waters for some stickers designs I made and seeing if I could sell them on Etsy. I'd rather do it with dropshipping rather than manually ordering the stickers and them shipping them from my house, but if the stickers are a piece of crap and peel off like those blank Avery sticker sheets you can buy at Office Depot then I certainly don't want them, I don't want to sell a crappy sticker, especially if the artwork on it is good.

Printful sticker selection is very small and high prices. I've also heard that their stickers are very bad quality. Printful is out.

Printify has better prices and shipping and better/more selection, but I'm wondering how the stickers quality is? They also have vinyl, different sizes and bumper stickers so they already won me over.

The only think I wish Printify offered was die-cut stickers and not only kiss cut, because I believe die-cut stickers look better, look more professional in terms of being able to market them and ultimately just stick better, from my experience. I don't want to essentially be sending a "sticker sheet" to people, so if I go with Printify, I'm limited to only square and circle stickers (vinyl) because I believe those look better, and the occasional bumper sticker if I design one big enough – which means I would have to do some redesigning but oh well.

Anyway, can anyone give me the low down on the sticker quality from Printify and their experience with ordering them? Recommended?

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