Facebook advertising – ‘Page Not Allowed to Advertise’.

So for the first time in ages I put an advert up the other day. Only for $1 and just a link to my website. I also started looking into how to set up facebook pixel. Then tonight I went to my Facebook Business Account and have been hit with the message 'Page not allowed to advertise'. Obviously this has me pretty concerned because i need to be able to advertise. My website is just a simple sport clothing website and I haven't made many sales yet but wanted to really work on that. When I click 'see details' it takes me to a page mentioning feedback scores and says 'facebook is collecting feedback about this page'. I'm not really sure what feeback they would collect as i haven't made sales. Is this restricting advertising just a standard thing that facebook does when it tries to collect feedback? How do I get myself unbanned from advertising please???

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