Am I missing something with Coinpayments?

Hi all, I'm currently trying to set up a webshop that utilizes coinpayments to accept crypto as it has a large selection of coins and what I thought would be a simple transaction-to-fiat process but that was far from the case. My site's items would sell for roughly $30 usd with $6 shipping, but when running through a test transaction I realized how horrible the fees are. I've hooked it up to convert to fiat via coinbase API but no matter what it seems like you're screwed. When establishing auto-conversions to fiat it first converts selected currencies into bitcoin, which I don't take issue with, but the flat fee is ridiculous when withdrawing bitcoin.

For the $36 test order, 0.0004 BTC is eaten up by coinpayments as a standard fee which is about $14. The margin drops significantly, but I don't know what to do about it? Ideally, the shop would accept and convert automatically so I don't have to worry about handling it manually every time, but I can't have that if a huge chunk of profit is just lost with each transaction.

Am I missing something with coinpayments, or is it just bad? Most of the consensus I've seen on reddit has found it to be the best payment processor but I find that hard to believe? Can anyone give me their thoughts and tips on where to go from here, because it feels like I've hit a wall.

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