Just lost our biggest eCommerce client who made up 25% of our monthly revenue. Here’s where I think we went wrong…

I’m gutted. I just had a call with our biggest client.

They’re canceling their service with us.

We had been working together almost 18 months. And during that time they scaled up their service to more than 3X a normal client and currently make up about 25% of our revenue.

My main contact is 1 of 3 partners. He’s not happy about it. But there are some internal politics forcing them to make the move.

I honestly never thought this would happen. We’ve brought an insane amount of value, helping increase previous 12-month CR of 0.6% to a steady 1.7% rolling 6-month average.

I’m still in shock as I write this post.

But I would love feedback on where I made mistakes:

1) Invested in infrastructure, team + tools for a single client without a long-term agreement

2) Dont have sales/marketing strategy to build pipeline and plan for churn (working currently)

3) Focused too much on scaling current relationships instead of finding new clients

It sucks.

But this is a reality check. And an important lesson in business.


I never pitch.

But if there are any eCommerce stores looking scale up their CRO work, we have an AMAZING team and some excess capacity at the moment 😜

Our ICP is $1M to $10M stores in the health, wellness & fitness niche.

(Admins. If this is against the rules. I’m sorry. Please let me know)

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