Opinions on this e-commerce service I am releasing soon.

I have worked in e-commerce development and SEO for around 12 years. I have a pretty full book of clients and several employees at this point, but the daily grind is grinding me down. So after looking at our clients, what their pain points are, and how to make their businesses easier, I have decided to release our first standalone software product.

The niches that most of our clients are in cater to older people who are not tech savy, think walkers, mobility scooters, rv parts and accessories. Basically things that appeal to older people. One of their biggest customer service issues is people calling wanting shipping updates. Even though they use all of the fancy apps that send emails, allow tracking from their site, ect. They still get a ton of calls.

So I am releasing a service in the next week or so that allows a shop owner to sign up, it will assign you a phone number, and you can enter friendlier translations for your order statuses. This is a phone number that you ca either provide customers direct access to, or you can put it on your extension tree.

What the whole service centers on is allowing people to check the sipping of their orders without having to tie up a CSR body. We already have several clients running it during a beta test and it is freeing up a lot of phone time for their employees.

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