The “Anonymous Buying Journey” of eCommerce Customers

Attribution is more difficult than ever for eCommerce stores. But not only because of tracking issues caused by iOS 14 updates.

People shop and make purchasing decisions differently. There are a lot more options. And the journey people take to make a purchase is not as "pretty & predictable" as before.

Want to increase conversion rates?

Know the components that make up your customers "anonymous buying journey" i.e. the steps people take that you can't, and will never be able to, track.

Here are a few:

– People who use your product in public and others see it
– Word of mouth from customers
– Organic social posts that get zero engagement
– Ads that don't get attributable click-through or conversions
– A random blog that talks about your product

This is the kind of granular activity that moves customers through their buying journey faster, and only realizes gains when the customer's ready and has real buying intent.

You won't know its happening. But its happening.

You gotta read the anonymous signals and develop a clairvoyance about how the business ecosystem, i.e. all of the moving pieces and customer touchpoints, impact conversions.

What anonymous activities have impacted your business?

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