6.2% CTR, 816 Landing Page views, No sales. Please review my stats and the site.

Hey all. I've launched my store (, it's been up officially for around 2 weeks now and I started my FB ads almost a week ago. Here are my stats

  • 16,000 impressions
  • CPM £5.03
  • CTR 6.2%
  • Cost per landing page view £0.10
  • 816 landing page views
  • Video average play time 11seconds (ad is 25 seconds long)

I got 2 ATC's and 1 Checkout initiated. I figured I should have atleast one sale by now (or atleast more ATC's etc) and for the life of me I can't figure out why I haven't. This isn't just some dropshipping store, I've created a brand, bulk ordered the products, and have put effort into my packaging, my socials, and the experience. In fact the only sale I got was over Instagram. My main competitor (Coppenhagen Grooming) is successful and has the same product but at a price which is almost double.

I don't mind slow and steady growth, however, this doesn't seem typical. Please review, I will really value your insight.

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