Consistent Sales & Scaling After iOS 14.5

I thought I'd share mine and other people's thoughts about consistent sales & scaling after iOS 14.

Besides a compilation of our thoughts, these are being applied across many of the big companies you know today. For example:

  • GymShark
  • MyProtein
  • Doe Lashes

There is so much anyone could discuss about these topics, but I chose key ideas. If there's any additional ideas that I haven't touched in the post but you see it as important, leave them below!

Not Relying On One Source of Paid Traffic

Many businesses have their main revenue driver from Facebook Ads. They don't touch other platforms such as TikTok, SnapChat, etc. What makes matters worse, there's some that disregard having multiple touchpoints even after using a paid traffic source.

This means they ignore email & sms marketing efforts. These two efforts could be incredibly lucrative in terms of ROI + your customer life time value.

One business that doesn't neglect having multiple sources of paid traffic and having multiple touchpoints is MyProtein. (Not affiliated).

  • I originally came across them through Instagram Ads in 2020 –> bought their protein –> have been a repeat customer since because of their email marketing efforts!

Forgetting About Fundamentals

Now this is subjective, but to me, marketing is three things:

  1. Create Trust
  2. Create Relationships
  3. Lead To An Action

However, when it comes to paid traffic efforts, many disregard #1 + #2, and straight away ask for an action for their ads. Here's an example of an ad below:

  1. Ads don't speak to people's problems
  2. Ads don't make people care about their problem
  3. Ads don't wrap their products to people's desired states (benefits)
  4. Ads do ask people to buy

Weak Retention Strategy / Low Customer Lifetime Value

Some businesses sell one product and that's it. There's no backend to continue the relationship that was created after the first transaction.

As an example, with MyProtein they have a strong retention strategy and I'd imagine their customer lifetime value is great.

I'm consistently getting emails about offers that I've purchased from such as

  • 50% OFF | The Canada Day Sale starts today!
  • Up to 80% OFF! Yes, seriously…
  • Introducing MP Engage Clothing!

Not Willing To Change

Even with updates such as iOS 14 that has been a dramatic influence on many businesses, some businesses don't decide to change their efforts at all.

Efforts including

  • Where they're advertising
  • What they're advertising
  • How they're marketing (the creatives used in their ads Which I've discussed about in a previous post. Also important to mention how they're engaging with their customers through their social pages)

TL;DR: By not relying on one source of paid traffic + having multiple touch points, understanding fundamentals, increasing AOV + Customer LV, and are willing to change, contributes to consistent sales + your ability to scale.

Hopefully you realize that this isn't about a solution to consistent sales + scaling after iOS 14. But rather, these ideas I've mentioned from my experience + other people, is what should have already have been done that contribute to those two ideas.

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