Looking for an e-commerce PM expert to help me take a hotel site across the finish line.

I hope this post is ok – delete if not.

I (primarily a digital strategist) took on a project as a favour for a friendly consultant. It was going to be very easy, since it was mostly just communicating things to my full-stack dev – who then fully disappeared.

It’s a simple hotel site. It uses WooCommerce for offline credit card payments and Motopress for the booking engine (never use them, FYI). It’s built on WP in Elementor. All of the plug-ins are paid and legit.

I have a decent dev I’ve found and we have everything at 95%.

But I’m worried the final steps will result in something being broken and a huge step back. My knowledge gaps are showing. There’s a lot to think about between 301s and licenses for these paid apps moving smoothly, QA, etc.

I’d like to pay someone to audit where we are at, point out potential issues, and come up with a way to solve those problems. I basically need a second set of eyes with more e-commerce, ideally accommodation, experience than myself.

If that’s you, please DM me.

Thanks! (If this post stays).

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