Marketing Strategies Used by Luxury Brands

  1. Connecting A Compelling Story with Brand and Best Products.

Why this works:- Humans will never stop relating to Stories, even when they are sleeping (dreams).

  1. Launching Products For A Specific Community

Why this works:- This makes community feel special, like now every brand have special products for Pride community (no hate).

  1. Providing A Better Customer Experience

Why this works:- People prefer to buy things based on what other customers have told them about that Product.

  1. They Focus More on Customer Lifetime Value

Why this works:- In long term, Businesses that don't focus CLV struggles a lot to calculate all the expenses but luxury brands always focus on this metric and stay in profit.

  1. Using Scarcity Principles In Marketing

Why this works:- This makes people feel Fear of missing out of it!

  1. Know Where Your Audience

Why this works:- Rolls Royce stopped showing cars at car exhibitions and Started exhibiting cars at yacht exhibition. Why? More Rich People!

When you Know where your audience is it's more easy to sell!

  1. AIDA ( Attention-Interest-Desire-Action)

Why this works:- This Marketing startegy is used to hit pain points of customers and increase the Interest of customer to buy luxury goods.

• Hey 👋, Tell us if you noticed any startegy used by luxury brands to make people buy and Don't Subscribe to my newsletter because value is good but grammar s*cks!

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