Do you have a system for photographing your products efficiently?

I need a system to stay efficient and organized. I am going to start selling jewelry and photos have been a nightmare! I actually enjoy photography, but it’s taking forever and I keep making stupid mistakes. Trying to get an eye catching shot of each piece laid out is time consuming. Would a photo formula help? Then how do I keep it all straight when I go to upload products, especially if lots of them are similar? Are batches better or is it more efficient to do all the photos then all the uploading?

I’ve paired the wrong products together for group photos, forgot to get all angles of an item, or didn’t get single shots of each pair of earrings (some “same items” are unique because the gemstones vary in color)…

I’m also trying to work around toddlers without a dedicated workspace. Spending 30 minutes out of an hour just setting up and breaking down is really cutting into my time. I’m going crazy over here!

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