How To Deal With A Borderline Scammy Competitor

I am starting an e-commerce business in a certain niche so i am currently busy with doing market research on my competitors.

The #1 and #2 competitors in this niche that are two very large companies that is worth 100,000$+, is to put it lightly, looks very scammy.

1- A ton of bought backlinks. 2-Lots of keyword stuffing on website. 3-Fake reviews on Google, Facebook and Etsy. 4-Bot followers and likes on Instagram, 200,000 followers and consistent 1K likes per post with 0 comments.

Other gray areas that is less scammy include;

1-Constant "%50 off for 24 hours" discounts that never expires 2-Pop-ups after pop-ups on every page. 3-Outright lying or misleading delivery times and charges. 4-Fake reviews on website.

Now, i see a lot of places to improve upon their businesses. -Their ad and social media creatives are outright awful, even though they have two in-house content creators. -Their SEO ranking is simply not there, again, even though they have an in-house SEO "expert", they have a domain authority of 8 and 16 between them. -Their website is average at best. -They are not doing affiliate marketing or reaching out to influencers.

Even though with these improvements, i don't see much of a chance in competing, simply because they look like rooted and reliable companies with their Google rankings, insane amounts of reviews and follower bases. Why would a customer shop with me, the guy with 100 reviews and 1000 followers when they can go to the guy with 2000 reviews and 200,000 followers with 1K likes on each post?

Can anyone with experience give me any pointers on how to compete with these businesses other than "just be organic and it will work bro". Is it even possible without taking the same routes they do?

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