Looking for a Platform to fit my needs…

Hello everyone.

I'd like to start up my own store on my website (or set something up that links to my site) and have just been overwhelmed with all the information I've been finding on picking a platform to work with.

Essentially, I'd like to sell my artwork: prints, cards, stickers, digital downloads, etc.

I've also been hearing stories of chargebacks and false claims that items were not delivered. Apparently, some e-commerce platforms can warn you of a potential scam customer (which is appealing to me).

Of course, being a small business, I'd like to keep the price low if possible, but not too low that I'm paying for something that is garbage and won't work.

If it helps, I have a domain at Wix, and my email is through Google Workspace connected with my domain. I'm using a third-party platform for my email automation that is having some technical difficulties. I was thinking of trying out Active Campaign in the meantime so I can get things up and going (and if I like it enough, maybe I'll stick with it).

I know the basics of code (if I look it up) and can learn and research if needed, but don't want to spend weeks or a month setting up my shop (something like WordPress would not be for me).

Of course, it'd be great to get something that can calculate/accept different currencies, but I'm assuming most e-commerce platforms offer this.

Also, do you guys link a business bank account to your store or PayPal? I think I heard one time that PayPal doesn't like it when you hold large sums of money in your account, but perhaps that's for a personal account…? (something like your account may be flagged for scamming or something….?)

If you've made it this far, let me know what you recommend (or don't) in the comments below!
Thank you! ^^

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