Thoughts on this business idea?

I Will start by saying that this is not an idea/project I'm actively working on – it's simply an idea I got and would like to post it here for your thoughts.

An app that works like Tinder, but for food. Let's call it FeedMe for the sake of this post.

I don't know about you guys, but a question that I ask myself almost every day is: What am I going to eat tonight? Or what should I cook this week? Oftentimes, the answer to that question is take-out or some quickly mashed-up meal..

Now, what If I took the swipe left/right model of Tinder, but applied it to food?

Tuesday night? Hungry? No idea what to make and don't want takeout? Just open the FeedMe app, enter your food preferences and dietary needs (I.E: Italian, Keto), and swipe yay or nay through meals relative to the criteria you've entered. Once you've settled on a meal, we provide the recipe. If it's a meal you end up liking, you can star it so it can be re-recommended in the future, if you disliked it, you can block it.

Because this works as an app (as opposed to a simple subscription) lot's of Q.O.L features can be implemented such as timers, a grocery check-list etc. Users can also have profiles and leave comments on the recipes they've chosen – creating somewhat of a community.

Eventually, this can also scale into a weekly subscription service similar to HelloFresh and Goodfoods, where people pre-select their favorite recipes, with ingredients to be shipped out weekly.


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