Please help I just want to create a FACEBOOK BUSINESS page in JULY 2021!!

Ok I am having a minor breakdown so please be kind.. I hate facebook with a passion but i need to do this.

I just want to create a facebook business page how hard can that be??

But facebook is creating some sort of DUPLICATE personal profile. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to edit or delete this personal profile.

I once created a Business page and it was straight forward. I just selected NEW PAGE and from then on NEW BUSINESS PAGE. I could edit the website address, the fucking shop button and what not. Now, I get options to edit my work and education background, family and relations… I DO NOT want any of that.

All I did was go to the Pages setting, and selected CREATE A NEW PAGE. It is even linked to my Facebook BUSINES MANAGER AND TO SHOPIFY. I understand Facebook does not allow you to have two PERSONAL profiles but it seems that it was it has created for me… Now i cant figure out how to even delete this page.

I have checked YOUTUBE for videos and tutorials but they all seem to have a very different setup to mine and their explenations do not help.

So if anyone here could be so patient and kind to explain ELI5 how this works in july 2021 i would be most greatful. I just need a facebook business page with a shop now button linking to my store.

Thank you.

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