Do you need to run full-funnel ad campaigns when you’re first starting out?

I just watched this video from the Foundr on building full-funnel Facebook ad campaigns.

The Foundr is huge on the concept of running a sales funnel. I like the idea, but I'm not sure how well it would work if I don't have >$100/daily budget for Facebook and Instagram ads. Even if I were to set the daily budget to $45 with $15 for top-line (cold people who have never seen my brand), $15 for re-engagement (people who interacted with the top-line ads), and $15 for remarketing (people that made it to my product page), I'm not sure the budget would get used in the bottom two stages since the spend is so low.

Can anybody help me out with recommendations for running ads? I'm a one-product store owner that primarily targets 13-18 year olds. Was planning on making some TikTok video style ads that have a simple CTA targeting everybody with some of my younger sister's friends as the "stars" and putting big spend behind those.

What do y'all think–what is the best digital marketing mix for someone with $250-1000/mo. to spend? Product costs $44.95 and profits $19-21 after COGS.

DM me if you want to see my store for context, I don't want to get banned.

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