Looking for a Shopify Digital Marketer

We are looking for an entry level Shopify marketing agency. Could you recommend someone (or yourself) ?

Some high level background:

We are a very small (2-person) company based in Europe. We currently sell a product mainly via Amazon in USA and Europe. Last year's turnover in USA was around 200k with a healthy margin. It is a high quality, niche product with excellent reviews on Amazon. Target audience is 30-70 year old family members, mainly women. This year, we are looking to diversify via our own Shopify store. The main idea is that it would allow us to develop our own customer base outside Amazon and reduce dependency on Amazon.

We believe we can scale up to about 1M/year in USA over coming 2 years. However, the founders are not marketers and currently we believe we do not have a solid enough based to hire an in-house digital marketer.

So, we are looking for an agency who can setup our Shopify Store (5 SKUs) with links to Google Analytics, Ads (google, FB, Insta?) and manage the ads with ongoing optimization on ads and SEO. We have image and video assets as well as text copy already developed for Amazon which can be adapted to our Shopify store.

Since this post may open us up for a lot of spam, I would like to clearly set out what we expect. If you believe you know an agency which is a good fit, or you run an agency which can meet these expectations, please leave a comment (preferably) or contact via PM.

  • Someone who is experienced with US market preferably in the target demographics
  • Low setup costs (expectation <1000 USD) but we are open to spend higher as long as we see value
  • Performance based ongoing fee. For example, as a percentage of ad-spend as long as an agreed ACoS/ROAS target is met.
  • Retainers can be discussed based on proven performance and ability to provide value added services

I will reply to non-spammy comments where relevant. I would like to keep this id not linked to the business (at least publicly) so I may contact you by other means if I decide to work with you.

Thanks for looking into this!

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