Seeking Advice for an Art Related eCommerce Site

Hey there! Not sure if r/e-commerce is the best place for all the advice I need, but I’m taking a shot! A friend of mine wants me to create an online website for her art/prints. I am a graphic design student, but am not super skilled in web design/e-commerce and only know some basics. I would love to do this for my friend as a learning opportunity as I’ve always been interested in this world. I would be really grateful to receive any advice you might have.

Looking for guidance regarding:

  • a good website builder (I don’t have much coding knowledge under my belt)

The website needs to be able to take appointments, showcase her work, sell prints, have an about page, links to social media etc. among other things

  • Shopify? Or no Shopify

  • a solid plug in for on-demand printing/shipping services (I am somewhat familiar with gelato and printful, would love to hear what you’re successfully using)

Need to be high quality prints

  • best pricing/customizability/user friendly/ easy to manage options

  • any other advice you may have related to creating a website capable of all these things!

Thank you 🙂

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