Seeking Feedback from Shopify Merchants

Hi all,

As a long standing ecommerce shopper I really think cart reminder emails don't work.

I have been building an e-commerce personalised SMS cart recovery app (minimally intrusive) that I think can greatly help many (currently available for Shopify Merchants only) .

Have some questions I wish to find out from your experience!

  1. Do you have pre existing experience with cart recovery apps?
  2. Why have you not tried/continued/stop using them?
  3. What are they lacking in?

If you serve US/CA/AUS/SG customers, you can give us a try! We really want honest feedback to make sure we are on the right track:)

P.S If you are not keen to try, we want to know what features would make you interested enough to try such apps to improve your conversion rates 🙂

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