Are my prices to high?

I have an onlineshop ( where i sell Metal Posters.

I buy posters for:

30×40 cm (12×16 inch) = 28,21€————————————— 40×50 cm (16×20 inch) = 42,16€————————————— 60×80 cm (24×32 inch) = 60,61€—————————————

I sell posters for:

30×40 cm (12×16 inch) = 54€——————————————- 40×50 cm (16×20 inch) = 89€——————————————- 60×80 cm (24×32 inch) = 125€—————————————–

The prices are high because I currently have a sale in my store with 15% on each poster. And shipping is included.

I compared my prices to displate and they are around the same if you also add the shipping fees.

Are my prices to high?

Should I make a sale with coupon codes or just lower the prices and notify the customer on the product page about the 15% discount?

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