ISO Cheap or Free, Easy to Use Inventory Management Software for Grocery Items

Hi all,

I work for a nonprofit where I order food from Walmart, Costco, and get donations so our clients with disabilities can come with their staff member and shop. My IT manager told me that eCommerce is kind of the type of software we are looking for, which is why I'm searching for suggestions here.

I'm looking for a simple, easy to use, inventory software system like Inflow On-Premise. I tried Inflow, but I think it's really clunky and I don't feel right having my company pay the $400 for an outdated, unsupported program. We cannot afford any subscription based software either. Free/Open source is preferred but if it is affordable and a one time cost, that is okay with us as well.

Our clients do not pay for anything, so we would not have to keep track of how much everything costs. We just want to know how much stock we have, add to our stock when we order, and deduct it with sale type bills (like Inflow does). We need it for auditing reasons so we can show how much food we gave to each house. Very simple, we don't need all the crazy bells and whistles.

Thanks so much for any suggestions you guys have. 🙂

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