Converting a WordPress site to a Shopify store

So I am in the very beginning stages of product deveopment. Before I launch my ecommerce store, I would like to hit the ground running with a website that already has some traffic and age behind the domain.

Im looking into creating a WordPress (or other CMS?) site to begin some light blogging about the product niche. I have a few concerns that I will list out for you guys for convenience sake.

  1. Is transferring blog content that has formating features not native to Shopify's blog editing going to be problematic?
  2. Will the change in URL structure cause any problems and also will I have to 401 redirect in the case I get a link to a blog post that has a new URL?
  3. How badly does switching CMS affect rankings/traffic?

Overall, Im looking for the most seamless way to make a non ecommerce site into an ecommerce site.

edit: from what I have read subdomains are not the best option and I am also not interested in using wordpress for my ecommerce functionality.

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