Do you sell internationally with inventory in multiple countries? How do you structure your site?

We are based in EU and sell in EU and US with inventory in both places. We would like to use local inventory for local orders (US for US; EU for EU, UK and rest of the world). We would also love to do everything in local currency. (USD for US, EUR for EU)

We also have a main website (not a eCommerce shop) that we use for content creation, support and user community.

How do you do this if you were using Shopify?

Our current thought is:

Main website ( with links to and where both shops are separate Shopify stores with their own settings?

This is because we could not figure out a way on Shopify to handle inventory pools across countries with shipping rules related to inventory pool. This may also make our sales tax / VAT situation very muddled.

But this will mean that our SEO will be focused on the main website and the traffic will funnel through to local shopify store. We are worried this might get trick to track campaign metrics and introduce an extra step in the funnel, reducing conversions.

Are there better ways to do this? Ideally, we like to keep the main site since we have features planned on it that are not available typically on an ecommerce platform.

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