E-commerce Plug-and-Play Toolkit to help you set up Lifecycle Email Marketing

First impressions matter. Your eCommerce website/app is like a storefront, and welcome emails are like your sales reps that welcome visitors to your store and make sales. Hence, it is essential for your brand to have an active Welcome Email Marketing strategy.

So how do you build one? I realized this was a major hurdle for many e-commerce brands. This is why I created an exclusive e-commerce toolkit to help you set up your e-commerce lifecycle marketing.

This exclusive e-commerce toolkit helps you set up Lifecycle emails for your brand-

The purpose of this toolkit is to empower e-commerce brands in setting up a holistic lifecycle email marketing in just a few minutes! Here's what this toolkit includes:

📧 A ready to use Welcome email template

📋 A Welcome Email series (with 3 email template sequences) for you to plug and play

😎 Best Practices and tips on how to build your lifecycle email marketing

Feel free to share any feedback and suggestions.

P.S. Will be sharing one lifecycle email 'template + series + best practices' every day this week. So stay tuned and build your lifecycle marketing with Mailmodo.

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