Looking for eCommerce stores to interview for ICP research [Moderator Approved]

Hey all.

We’re in the process of niching down our services and wanted to get a clearer idea of our ICP (ideal customer profile) for better positioning, messaging, and content.

For your perspective, I've been doing solo consulting for about 7 years. 18 months ago I started building a team. We are now 9 full-time and I realized (a little late) that with the added overhead I couldn't rely on inbound leads and referrals anymore.

Right now I'm trying to figure out “what does sales and marketing look like” for the first time.

I know part of the problem is that we’re not clear on our ICP.

Historically, we have worked with small to mid-size eCommerce companies. But because customers have always come to us we've never really focused on any particular industry or niche. They’ve all varied.

This is why I would like to chat with some of you to understand what specific problems you're facing, how you make decisions, and how to speak to your needs in your language.

Specifically, I'm looking for eCommerce businesses:

– Selling in Home Improvement, Athletic Fashion, or Supplements Niche

– Doing at least 100 sales per month

– Annual revenues between $1M and $10M

I don't have any intention to sell or pitch you any products or services (scouts honour). This is really just a conversation to better understand how we should approach and communicate to people like you.

Happy to pay for your time, as well.

Thanks in advance.

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