Should I look into a better payment processor company? Not sure what to do.

I have a small buisness in Ontario (Canada) that makes 99% of sales online. I'll try to make this quick because I could really use any kind of guidance.

– In 3 months, we had 6 fraudulent purchases. All $500 USD. This guy obtained credt card info from various people and was using that to buy our products.

– So, we entered a limitation on the payment processor. It forced customers to have the same shipping/billing address for their credit card.

– BUT many people are shipping to thier place of buisness to avoid porch pirates. And our new policy is not convienent for guenine customers who are then consfused as to why they're payment is being declined.

As I mentioned, we are still small so we can't just swallow these charge backs. We can't just throw away $3,000 and chalk it up to 'oh well I guess'.

Has anyone come up with a good soltion to this annoying problem?

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