šŸ‘€ How you’re overlooking the largest cost-drivers of your shipping costs

If you're working with a rate reseller or a benchmarker, they'll give you rates based on volume and spend.

This can help in the short term, but you leave $$$ on the table.

Here's why: volume and spend really only drive 15% of the total discounts available to you once you start shipping over ~$300K.

The other 85% of the discounts that you can achieve come from your unique package characteristics.

These are (to name a few):

  • Zone distribution
  • DIMs
  • Service level
  • Weight
  • Surcharges


The thing is, the vast majority of companies don't know how to effectively analyze these characteristics and leverage them to get the discounts you truly need.

There are only a few individuals in the US that actually know how to analyze these from a carrier's perspective – and get results in the form of massive discounts.

How are you achieving discounts for your company?

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