Can I get some insight on the difference between Americans living in coastal towns vs. inland?

I have an eCommerce client who also operates in 27 physical locations.

Each location has a unique location-specific website URL and the design/copy/changes need to be applied to all 27 locations every time (legacy backend, the company won't budge on this).

We've been working with them for almost 2 years.

The last few months we've been struggling to find variations that reach significance across all locations.

Some locations always seem to work better than others.

I had our team create a dashboard combining the last few experiments to see the split between locations that won for the Control vs. the Variant.

What I'm trying to understand if our hypothesis works better for certain demographics in the US than others.

From what I can tell, the Control performs better on coastal towns whereas the Variant performs better inland.

We're going to be scheduling some user interviews, but can any American's share feedback on the cultural differences between the two geographies?

I'm looking for high-level insights about US culture that I may be missing as a Canadian. Unfortunately can't share the client's name or product.

Here's a link to the geography split:

Thanks in advance!

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