Customer conversion rate

Hello everyone,

I have a website, with no sales yet and no advertising. I receive around 50-70 visitors a day. The people who visit basically arrive via Instagram. So i am pretty sure they go to my site knowing what to expect. I receive about to 2 emails address a day registering to learn more about my site.

I decided to add a dropshipping store with products specific to my customers, and a paid membership with weekly content. To help generate funds. I will also run IG ads.

I am trying to figure out if this extra investment in time and money is worth it.

I am in a specific fetish area. Some of the info collected is men 18-50 visit my site. 80percent from USA.

I am also planning to cut sections of the sight with content rarely visted, I will move that into members area

Am I wasting my time by trying to monetize the site with so little visitors?

Is there a an average conversion rate formula for visitors to customers?

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