Helped grow an e-commerce business revenue from $60k to $100k+ in 2 months. Here’s what I did

Recently joined an e-commerce business as an Ads operations manager and within 2 months, I helped increase revenue from $60k/month to $100k revenue per month. I decided to share a few things we did differently, a few mistakes I observed and how we corrected them.

I hope others would find this useful and scale their e-commerce businesses to six figures.

  1. Pixels restructure. When I joined, I noticed that two pixels were installed on the website. In fact, I further noticed that retargeting ads were run on one pixel while prospecting ads were run on the other. This was a serious oversight and you can tell, we hardly got sales from retargeting ads.

  2. Conversions API set up It so happened that I joined a week before the iOS 14 update. Purchases dropped drastically and tracking was completely messed up. We waited a few days for the dust to settle as we kept our ears on the ground. We had our conversions API set up. Although performance took a while to get back up, we saw some improvements and focused on what mattered the most; creatives.

  3. Killer creatives We found out that what mattered the most were our creatives, so we developed a strategy. Our videos were designed to be simple, short (15 seconds) and with a clear focus. The are designed to give the viewer only one option and one decision to make. We also ensure that our videos are native to each platform they run on.

  4. Killer copies Benefits with one clear CTA. We keep them short and sweet.

  5. Email marketing We focused on increasing our our list by offering freebies. We grew our list to over 7k. We focused on building long term relationships with our subscribers and so we focused on sharing value. We optimized our emails and open rates went from 9% to 24%, CTR went from 0.6% to 2%

  6. Conversion Rate Optimisation We use Shopify and we had a very low conversion rate 0.56%. We noticed we had a huge drop off from Add-to-cart to Checkout (~68%). We decided to do some reverse engineering on our purchase journey. We cut out some redundant steps and merged some, cutting the journey by 1/3. Our conversation rate increased to over 1%. Our target is 4% so we’re still optimizing.

These are some of the things we implemented. I hope this helps someone 🙂

Open to questions.

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