How to fix “every product is trash” mindset?


I am ex affiliate marketer who is dipping the toes in the ecommerce. I want to build a brand around a product, but I think that my mindset is killing me. Please help me get my thoughts sorted out.

For the last couple months I have been stuck in a never ending cycle of product research. I could say that I am a minimalist myself, so it is very hard for me to justify buying stuff. It seems like that is somewhat making it hard for me to find products to sell that would excite me.

I've used Amazon movers and shakers, Adspy, google shopping, google search, etc. for my research and I always end up with the same conclusions.. either:
1. Product does not have enough margin for scale;
2. Product has insane competition(established brands or branded dropshippers) already on facebook/google or somewhere else;
3. Someone has rebranded someone else product;
4. Product has trash reviews and would need have a considerable investment (tech gadgets) to fix it;

And on top of all that, I don't even think that people should buy most of them. But maybe thats just my way of justifying my poor research skills.

But seriously, I've watched probably all the videos on youtube about product research, done countless hours of research, I have pages of products written down but crossed out all of them because there is always a reason I don't believe it will work for the reasons mentioned above.

Some of you might say, just do a test, and you might be right, in my affiliate marketing days I tested multiple products every week, but it was easier, because I was given fresh products every week. I still thought that most of them are useless junk that no one should buy. Now I have to find those products myself and I am just unable to do it.

How can I overcome this mindset issue or how do you guys look at product research and what sort of things you look at?

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