Question for Someone Starting Out- Only 1 Product Plan to Sell

Hello Everyone,

I have a small startup I'm starting and hoping to release this fall. I am shopping for the best sites to sell my items and had a few questions:

1) Wix, vs, Squarespace vs Shopify vs WordPress and various other sites: what is the best for selling? As I stated, I only have 1 product. That will be the only product probably for the next year at least with not many other things (that I foresee) coming from there until I can garner some income for the business. That being said, what would you recommend for me to choose to start up with? I have a Wix site that I am using as a kind of placeholder now from an old site I had, but for this should I switch to something else? Anyone's advice would be greatly appreciated on that.

2) Using FB to sell: Has anyone done this and had any success? Have they just forgone the sites and sold directly through FB (or even IG?) If so, how are you liking that?

3) Any and all other advice you would have for someone starting out would be great.

Thank you everyone!

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