Shopify POS is telling me an update is required everytime I open the app or do anything. is this a paid version of what I’ve been using for free?

I got contacted by shopify a few months back and was told I'd have to upgrade to the new shopify pos. I checked and from what I could tell it wanted me to pay 100$ a month for what has been free until now. So I didn't upgrade.

then my returns stopped working. and as of yesterday there is a pop up saying an update is required everytime I do anything on the POS.

so is my only choice to upgrade and start paying for it on top of what I already pay them for the online?

Also, when I click the upgrade button when prompted, it just brings me to the store and shows me that my app is up to date. there is no option to upgrade to the new pos on the store tab.

so, is lite(free) version same as what I had before? how do I upgrade if pressing update doesn't do anything?

very surprised that I couldn't find discussion about this anywhere by googling it.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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