Get winning products for dropshipping – product and ad research platform [Using AI & machine learning]

For a long time I thought of releasing a tool which can help you to identify a winning niche for your dropshipping store and now I did with:

It provides you with a lot of value to grow your sales and growth-hack your revenue using big data. Using a statistic based approach to rank products and to uncover upcoming bestsellers like the posture corrector was for many dropshippers.

It contains a product research tool, an ad research engine and a shop research feature so its like an all-in-one dropshipping research solution. It helps you find winning products to dropship for your store. Of course I know there are already a dozen tools and many got posted here, so I carefully observed and tested all of them to see where they were lacking features. And to get the things right, that they are getting wrong.

With the ad research engine you can find facebook ads of other stores, it includes hundreds of videos of the products in action as well as a link to the store and link/comment counts so you can see what works and what doesn't. With the additional shop research feature you can inspect the biggest shopify stores in the world and see the bestsellers of each store as well as the country of origin.

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