One website? Two websites? Or non? I’m not sure please help

So as a startup company, I want to start selling on Amazon. I will make a store and an a brand.

I registered a company, let’s call it x corporation. So x corporation is gonna be the company that owns the brand I’m gonna make, and will be selling in Amazon. When I make a different product line, I will make a different brand and it will also owned by company x. So what kind of website do I need to make for company x if at all. I feel like it’s necessary because by having an online presence and a professional email address, and a phone number I will be taken more seriously by suppliers and other people I deal with.

Once I finish my first product and I’m ready to sell, I plan on also having a website separate from Amazon.

So my question is: should I make website for company X, and once my product is making money open an e-commerce store for it? Should I buy both domains now and ensure they won’t be taken?

So I want company x to be the parent company that owns multiple brands.

How would you go about doing this?

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