Please poke holes in my store! Seeking feedback & constructive criticism

Hi r/ecommerce!

I'm constructing a new e-commerce store branded around "meme type humor" – memes, puns, irony, sarcasm, silliness, etc. POD exclusively for now (because POD is simpler for standing up a new store & brand), but will expand into other fulfillment types down the road.

Looking to iron out any major (or minor!) issues with the current website/store before executing a growth strategy.

There's obviously a lot of e-com experience and brainpower in this sub, and I would like to pick your brains on a few high-level areas:

  1. Branding: based on the brief brand description above vs. what you see on the store website, what do you think can be better?
  2. Store website design & wireframing: does the website look & feel credible/trustworthy? Do you think the current design will help/hurt conversion rates?
  3. Open ended: other than the 2 areas outlined above, what do you think can be improved? Is there anything you particularly like or don't like?

The store website is

(We're still building our social accounts, so you won't find a significant social presence or social validation…yet!)

Currently offering ~40 products that are segmented to a few different target markets. Planning to expand significantly, but first I'd love to get your feedback first so I can implement before expanding.

Thank you in advance for your feedback! Looking forward to reading your advice and constructive criticism!

-Ya boi, u/vinnyvanBRO

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