YouTubers: What Increased Your Merch Clicks / Conversions?

After several months of grinding, I'm finally starting to see consistent daily views, just under 1K a day. I know, not much, but considering I started from scratch, I figure it's not too terrible. Not at 1K subs yet, but not THAT far either, so hopefully soon, right? My watch time is half-decent, and given the data with my other (mostly dead) channel, if it's anything close, I might be able to expect a nice RPM of ~$7. Fingers crossed.

That being said, I've had zero luck converting on merch. Hell, I can't even get clicks to my Teespring store! In every video, I do a quick little intro where I address the audience, ask them to consider liking, sharing subscribing etc, and finally to consider checking out my merch. So basically just a quick 10 seconds to try to grab some engagement. And in fact, it does seem that since I've done this, likes and subscribers have seemed to increase a bit per amount of views, which is great!! The problem? No one is clicking my merch link(s)!

Now granted, my intro is extremely basic and just a little quick text on the screen. I have a couple good designs over at my store and added a couple more solid ones the past couple days. I'm thinking the only major change I can really make it to flash the designs for maybe a second each at the beginning of the video and hope for viewers to say "Oh, I like that one, I'll click the merch link."

Because short of that, I've went several thousand views without a single click over there, tracking w/ Bitly. I'm kind of aiming for even one sale per thousand views after some refinement. I figured even at a tiny click rate of 1% (so at 1K views, it would be about 10 clicks to merch a day), I'd maybe get a conversion rate of 5-10%. So being pessimistic, that should still result in something like 1 sale per ~2K views, but it hasn't.

How were you able to increase your merch clicks / conversions, if at all? Sorry for the essay, and thanks so much for your guys' help. 🙂

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