Advice with domains

I’m starting to get some traction but think I’ve made a rookie error with my names and domains?

My company is The site is like a brochure for credibility.

My (first) product is high ticket coaching and has a catchy name so I’ve used the to set up my landing pages, order forms and members area in Clickfunnels.

I’m being advised to focus on SEO and told that I’ve stuffed up by pointing my IP in two different directions. I know SEO will win out long term but I don’t have the $ yet to cover all bases.

I would like to know is it ok to do it like this to scale (I’m getting my leads from social media) and then add SEO to diversify my traffic stream later? Or am I better off to start out with SEO being at the forefront of what I do?

I’m 6 months in and finding my clients on LinkedIn.

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