Help with starting a new eCommerce Brand/Store

A little bit of info on myself before I get too into this. I've been running and operating a eBay business for the past year now and it has been doing relatively well. I've been sourcing and flipping items and my metrics continue to climb but I know that in order to make serious money with eCommerce you need to have a specific item/brand/niche to work out of. I've been researching and know the steps that I need to make in order to make that happen except i'm having an extremely difficult time coming up with a product to sell. I don't want to create a fly by night operation and am more interested in creating a solid brand/product business so simply sourcing the hot items off of alibaba is kind of off the table. I have a few product ideas but ultimately am coming up with blanks. I guess what i'm asking is how did you go about creating your first brand/product and do you have any tips for someone like myself who's struggling in this particular space?

Thank you in advance to anyone to took the time to read this.

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