Niche Market – Need Help Please!

Hey everyone,

I have a shopify store that's geared towards a pretty niche market, my plan is to hopefully get it off it's feet and expand into this other market that's similar but less niche, it's way more broad.

My issue here is, how can I scale my current store? I've hired a marketer for about a month, and yes it did help, but I realize that it needs more than a month to get everything together, after that I've tried doing it myself but I just kept spending money with little return due to hitting the wrong audience. I'd say my SEO is decent, I do get traffic without advertising and some sales, but of course I need more if I want to scale and get into something else.

I've looked up videos on how to do ads on social media, but some helped, some haven't. Can someone please suggest what I can do next, or if there are any guides, videos, write-ups anywhere to help me out. I totally don't want to give up since I'm passionate about this and for my future plans I feel like it could be a great thing.

I've also tried influencers, and again they have helped but it wasn't 100% consistent.

Any help would be appreciative

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