Sellers who had fraudulent charge backs, have you ever won?

I hope questions are allowed. But hear me out.

A customer bought a 30 bucks worth of items, after they got delivered, he pulled a dispute as fraudulent on PayPal.

I provided tracking number, log where it says he communicated with the post office to safe drop the package, shipping label and additional information ( such as we provide order confirmation and tracking information via email and sms, in this case sms)

To my not so surprise, PP sends me an update email that the cardholder requested a transaction reversal, telling me not to do any more actions till asked.

Question is, have you ever won a similar case? And do I need to provide more information, if so what more can I do?

Your help is always appreciated, thank you mods and members, you all teach me every time about scammy customers. Thank you.

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